Medisana Company Policies


FKA Brands Limited is committed to ensure that no forced labour is used in the manufacture of our products.  Our staff visit our factories several times a year and are trained in how to spot signs of Forced Labour.

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FKA Brands Ltd. recognises the need to manage and develop its businesses in a sustainable manner and that sustainable development is a challenging issue.  We recognise that there are physical limits to the resources of the Earth (both in terms of generating materials and absorbing wastes), and that any business activity that exceeds these limits is, by definition, unsustainable.

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The Board of FKA Brands Ltd. are committed to ensuring that the people and communities providing the products and services we buy and sell are treated fairly and that their fundamental human rights are protected and respected.   We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to ensuring fair treatment and respect for human rights of the people and communities in our supply chains and our understanding of the fundamental rights they are entitled to.

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